Kingswood College is joining the movement…

Kingswood College has partnered with Functional Movement Systems (FMS Schools) a UK based global education company to introduce a new functional movement program to the Kingswood College Junior School curriculum.

The technology acquired from FMS by Kingswood College, will enable our Physical Education department to screen for movement efficiency in its pupils and to then improve and develop the functional movement of the pupil. Every pupil involved will have a personalised development pathway to support, balance, mobility and postural control.

Our Kingswood College Junior Head, Mr James Hough had the following to say:

“We are incredibly excited to be partnering with FMS to run a new functional movement programme. Over the last few years, we have, unfortunately, seen an increase in poor or incorrect movement, low muscle tone and underdeveloped gross motor skills in children. We look forward to using the FMS software and platform to help us identify areas of concern and to allow us to tailor individual exercises for each child to corrector improve their moment. We have no doubt that this will benefit every child’s growth and development and assist with our sporting and extra-mural curriculum.”

Mr James Hough – Head of the Kingswood Junior School

By helping to develop the correct movement habits in a child’s formative years, we hope to see children develop a positive association to movement giving confidence as a teenager and ultimately setting them on a more active path for the rest of their lives.

What is Functional Movement Systems?

You can find out more about FMS Schools from this introductory video below: