The prizes awarded at Awards Ceremonies that are held each term form part of the formal recognition of pupil achievement at Kingswood College. This award was awarded on the 6th of October 2022 at the Academic Awards Ceremony and reflects the results from the Winter Term.

Academic Honours can only be achieved during the examination terms of Grade 11 and 12 and a total of 580 marks (an 83% mark average) must be achieved.

Isabella is an extremely diligent pupil whose hard work and dedication to her own academic achievement has been prevalent throughout her time at Kingswood. Her focus and exceptional work ethic is to be commended.

Isabella is a pupil that follows an exceptionally rigorous work ethic in her studies.

She consistently and proactively seeks to improve on her own learning experiences, pushing herself to excel, whether in preparation for a test or any other task she may be engaged in. She constantly strives to extend her knowledge and understanding beyond the parameters of the curriculum.

As a critical thinker she shows confidence in opening up additional scenarios where possible, not only to herself, but to her peers. She is always prepared to share her opinions in class discussions, continuing to be an example to her peers by taking the initiative in any given task.

Her sense of wonder and curiosity have helped her to develop a unique perspective on the world. This unique outlook enables her to make interesting and valuable connections across areas of her studies.

Alongside her astute powers of observation and personal expression, Isabella approaches her work with an admirable passion and a mature approach to learning that allows her to bounce back from setbacks with ease.

Isabella will actively seek help where needed, or spend the time to fully comprehend the work. This allows her to grasp new concepts and ideas suitably within the various spaces. She balances her creative thinking with an incisive voice with allows her to communicate her ideas clearly in both written and spoken contexts.

Beyond her academic achievements, Isabella’s empathy for others, kind heart and delightful sense of humour is what sets her apart. It is with pride, and full acknowledgement of her hard work in meeting the criteria, that Isabella is awarded with Academic Honours.