At the Old Kingswoodian Club AGM held on the 11th March, an Honorary Old Kingswoodian award was made to a much loved Kingswoodian; Mrs Shirley Fletcher.

Individuals who have served and supported the school with distinction and who are not Old Kingswoodians may be proposed and then accepted as Honorary Old Kingswoodians. At the annual OK Club AGM held on Saturday the 11th of March, Mrs Shirley Fletcher was welcomed as an Honorary Old Kingswoodian. There is little doubt that Shirley is most deserving of this award. Her 49 years of service to the Kingswood community is a testament to her passion and love for the school. She has seen generations of Kingswoodians pass through it’s hallowed halls, as she continues to serve the school which she so dearly loves.

Shirley’s journey at Kingswood began in 1974, where she started as the Grade 4 teacher. She was also the needlework and art teacher. In the afternoons, Shirley could be found on the tennis court, coaching the girls.

Shirley and her late husband, Gordon, had three boys, who they later sent to Kingswood. There sons, Mark (OK 1977), Ian (OK 1980) and Kevin (OK 1981) were initially in boarding school, until Shirley and Gordon joined them in Grahamstown in 1974.

Shirley ran Jacques House from 1978 to 1987 were she was fondly known as “Ma Fletch”. These were very happy years for her and her family, and Shirley still keeps in touch with many of the girls who lived in Jacques House at that time.

After retiring in 1998, she continued to relief teach in the Junior School, until she began running the school archives in 2004. Today, Shirley can still be found in the museum during the afternoon, where she takes great pride in preserving the history of Kingswood.

In her reading of the citation on Saturday, Mrs Diana Hornby remarked: “Old Kingswoodians and friends – I am sure you will agree with me that Shirley is most deserving of such an award. It is hard to put into words the impact and influence that Shirley has had not only on the Kingswood family and extended Kingswood community, but indeed, also the greater Makhanda community.  

A passionate and proud giant of our Kingswood community – how honoured and grateful we are for all the love, expertise and passion you have poured into the special Kingswood experience.  Today, we pause and offer you one of the highest awards that the Old Kingswoodian Club can bestow on any individual.” Well done Mrs Fletcher!