Several of our pupils recently took part in the JSE Investment Challenge. With over 25 000 participants, our 12 pupils did remarkably well!

Adapted from source

Celebrating 50 years this year, the JSE Investment Challenge sees over 25 000 participants testing their “share trading skills through an ongoing annual simulated virtual trading programme”. With an imaginary sum of R1 000 000, participants can invest in JSE-listed companies. “Their performance is tracked and measured in a competition against other teams taking part in the Challenge. The top performers win fantastic prizes”.

Kingswood College entered three teams into the challenge and achieved great results. Well done to:

The Springboks who came 22nd with a 3.4% growth on their investment:

  • Luke Lucas
  • Jaryd Botha
  • Allesandra Wijtenburg
  • Troy Renaud

The Bomb Squad who came 241st with a 2.1% growth on their investment:

  • Luke Miles
  • Keagan Lottering
  • Lesang Ralebala
  • Jason Connan

The Wyverns who came 482nd with a growth of 0.8% on their investment:

  • Emily van Niekerk
  • Pendi Noyonyozi
  • Connor Sholto-Douglas
  • Kiana Vincente

Well done on this fine achievement. Your dedication and skills have paid off – and we are sure you will be making your mark in the finance world in the future!