Since its launch in February this year, the Livestock Fund has continued to grow at a steady pace thanks to the outpouring of support the project has received.

The Livestock Fund first began at Kingswood in 2012. The essence of the project saw the raising of weaner calves that were cared for and grown out on supporting local farms at a marginal cost, before being sold for a profit. Unfortunately, the project saw its end due to the prolonged drought that ravaged the Eastern Cape from 2015 to 2021.

Relaunched in February 2023, the project has expanded to include the buying and selling of all livestock, not just calves. While the majority of the profits will be invested in growing the project, the Legends Fund is the project’s primary beneficiary.

Our vision with the Livestock Fund is to create a continuous cycle of income, allowing the fund not only to be self-sustaining in the long run, but to grow and become a sustainable source of funding for the Legends Bursary Fund. Essentially, it’s a bit like turning donations into a living, growing asset.

To date there are 70 head of cattle in the Kingswood herd, being run on the farms of Chris Hobson (OK 1990), Rowan Stretton (OK 1994) and Brett (OK 1991) and Glenham Knott (OK 1988). 

A special mention must be made of Chris Hobson, President of the Old Kingswoodian Club, who is running 57 of these cattle on his farm as well as hired grazing. Thank you, Chris, this is an incredible effort on behalf of Kingswood and the Fund. 

A big thank you must go to all those who have supported the fund this year – from the launch event where R60 000 was raised, to the Class of 1983 who pulled together to raise a further R32 000 for the cause, and the OK Club who followed with a gift of R25 000. 

Cash donations were not all that were received this year: with the future in mind, Rowan Stretton and Clive Ingram (OK 1971) have pledged cattle to the fund from their herds each year. Kingswood parent, Dassie de Villiers, generously sold cattle at auction on behalf of the Fund this year. Thank you all for your trust, in the fund and Kingswood.

None of this, of course, would be possible without our ‘men on the ground’ helping facilitate and drive the project forward: Paul (OK 1977) and Murray (OK 2005) Hobson, thank you for your contribution to the fund’s success, we’re grateful to have the best in the business at our side in this.

We look forward to seeing this fund grow in 2024, and thank our community for all your support of it thus far.