We have taken the advice and recommendation from ISASA to continue with e-learning over the time period that we would have been in session.

There is uncertainty as to when exactly we will be reopening and are following directives from Government, the NCID and ISASA. 

Although pupils will no longer be on campus our teachers are hard at work preparing their content in new, and altered ways so as to allow for distance learning to take place through e-learning. This is an exciting prospect for our teachers as we have long wanted to look at more innovative and creative ways of teaching our curriculum to our pupils.

This is new and unchartered territory, and although exciting, it is also a slightly daunting space in which our teaching staff as well as our pupils find themselves in. Teachers, pupils and parents will have to work collaboratively and together at finding what works and how best implement this new approach to teaching.

Our teachers will be sending work through Engage (our CMS system) and Google Classrooms. Some will employ elements of video, live and or pre-recorded to explain content to pupils. Some will be making themselves available in specially created whatsapp groups in order to assist pupils with any questions that they may have with the content and other creative ways of communicating are being brainstormed all the time.

Both our Senior and Junior School staff will have training in utilizing various online teaching platforms in the next two days.

At this time of uncertainty about the space we are heading into, it is of utmost importance that we continue to educate our pupils through the many e-learning opportunities that are available. Extending our pupils and encouraging them to think and exercise their minds and bodies during this prolonged vacation is developmentally important. With constructive activities, critical academic skills will be repeated, introduced and developed and in this way education will continue, and boredom and inactivity of the brain will be prevented” 

Mrs Tracy van Molendorff | Head of Senior School

This is an unsettling time for us all, however, we need to remember that as we are a school, it is our duty to educate our pupils and while many things with regard to the coronavirus remain uncertain, and are changing daily, we know that we need to try and keep the academic programme alive and well!