Kingswood College is humbled and proud to announce the launch of our very first Legacy Scholarship, The Trevor Stewart Scholarship, for 2023. A fully funded scholarship for a child or grandchild of an Old Kingswoodian. This scholarship is named after its benefactor, Mr Trevor Stewart (OK 1963 Chubb).

Kingswood pays tribute to this man, a true Kingswoodian in every sense, who recognises the quality of education that Kingswood can offer to a deserving child.

Kingswood pays tribute to this man, a true Kingswoodian in every sense, who recognises the quality of education that Kingswood can offer to a deserving child.

His amazing legacy, the Trevor Stewart Scholarship, will be etched in the educational journey of young Kingswoodians forever. Thank you, Trevor – Kingswood salutes you. ( Click here for applications forms and to apply )

Trevor, who is currently living in New York with his wife Margaret, first approached Kingswood in 2019 with his plans to give back to his alma mater in the form of financial aid for its pupils. Fast forward two years later to 2021, and the plans for the Trevor Stewart Scholarship were solidified and a plan created for its launch.

Trevor and his two brothers, Malcolm (OK 1966) and Roger (OK 1969) Stewart were able to attend Kingswood College thanks to a bequest left to their father by their deceased aunt. In her honour, and to afford this opportunity to another family, Trevor wishes to provide this life-changing experience to another child, who stands to gain a lifetime of purpose, success and belonging, all of which are synonymous with a Kingswood education.

An endowed scholarship is a donation invested into the College’s Scholarship & Bursary Trust that earns interest each year. The fund is then awarded in perpetuity (forever), spending only the interest accrued in a given year, not the principal amount.

At any given time from 2023, the Trevor Stewart Scholarship will be able to fund a single full senior scholarship (full boarding and tuition) at Kingswood College through to Matric. A legacy like none other.

Kingswood’s endowment is critical to sustaining the College’s excellence for future generations. Income from endowed funds provides support to pupil scholarships, building operations and replacement, and other designations, helping the College offset the rising costs of tuition to supply these operating funds.  

Kingswoodians, let us all pay tribute to this man, who has dedicated a part of his legacy to ensuring that as long as Kingswood stands, a scholar will walk our campus…

About Trevor Stewart:

After matriculating from Kingswood in 1963, Trevor Stewart entered his compulsory military service, before going on to obtain a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Nelson Mandela Bay University (then the University of Port Elizabeth) with the dream of becoming a chartered accountant.

From there he went to the University of Cape Town where he obtained a BSc (Hons) in mathematics. Returning again to accounting, Trevor joined Deloitte in Johannesburg and became a chartered accountant per his original plan. After several years in Deloitte’s London office, he returned to Johannesburg and was admitted as a partner in the firm. A few years thereafter, Trevor was transferred by the firm to international headquarters in New York.

After an eventful and fulfilling career in many different international roles he retired from Deloitte.

Not quite ready for retirement, Trevor then went on to complete a PhD in economics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He continues to consult for Deloitte and pursues other professional and teaching interests. He and his wife Margaret live in Greenwich Village, New York City, which they love and where he is president of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation

Conditions of the Scholarship:

Kingswood is looking for candidates who will embrace the breadth of the Kingswood experience in and out of the classroom, who are academically strong and who show the potential to develop into leaders in the Kingswood community.

The scholarship is intended to reward and encourage pupils who demonstrate a commitment to self-improvement, show tenacity, a strong work ethic, and display all-round excellence.

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Qualification: To qualify, the applicant must at a minimum:

  • Be a South African citizen;
  • The child or grandchild of an alumnus (Old Kingswoodian);
  • Apply for Grade 8, 9 or 10 in 2023;
  • Demonstrate financial need.

Criteria: The Scholarship will then be awarded on the basis of the following additional criteria:

  • Currently achieving 70% or more academic aggregate 
  • Commit to community involvement through the community engagement programme.
  • Participate in the college’s co-curricular programme, including the enrichment component.
  • Participate in leadership and outdoor education activities.
  • Have personal characteristics of integrity, diligence and honesty.
  • Have leadership potential.

Application Deadline: Complete an application form and return to the Admissions Office before 11 February 2022.

Value: A single scholarship with the value of full boarding and tuition at Kingswood College through to Matric (subject to the terms of the scholarship). Shortlisted candidates will participate in an interview and written entrance exam.

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