On Tuesday, 22 March a meeting was held in Cape Town with a small group of Old Kingswoodians, all representing cross-sections of the Club in the region in terms of demographics, to discuss the future of one of our biggest OK Club Branches: The Western Cape Branch.

It was an incredibly inspiring evening and one that certainly reminded us just how important we are to each other within our Kingswood community.

Discussions went from introducing generation-specific OK Club events to having more informal get-togethers to introducing more education for pupils still at school about the OK Club.

Many of those attending also offered their advice and insights to the Club, which we are always so grateful to receive.

Outcomes of the meeting included a decision for the Western Cape Branch to include both Somerset West and Stellenbosch regions. Volunteers were also called for, for the formation of a new committee.

We thank the following who agreed to serve:

  • Elana Brooke
  • Lubby Zote
  • Nick Mcconnachie
  • Melissa Dold
  • Ryan Christian
  • Josh Smuts
  • Cindy Mati
  • Casey Crafford
  • Don Schoeman
  • Graeme Du Plessis
  • Christ Swift
  • Stellenbosch Student Rep (TBC)

We are very excited to see how the future of the branch unfolds and look forward to working with the new committee in the near future. Thanks, everyone!