Garden of Remembrance

In a heart-warming display of unity and remembrance, the class of 1982 celebrated their 40th Reunion in March 2022 by undertaking a fundraising effort that culminated in the establishment of the Garden of Remembrance outside Kingswood’s Memorial Chapel.

This project, driven by a deep sense of friendship forged in their school years, stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Kingswoodians. Additionally, a parallel endeavour led by Mark Price resulted in the donation of three memorial benches.

Honouring Departed Kingswoodians: The Garden of Remembrance

As a class, their vision was to have a space on campus where members of the Kingswood community could have a quiet moment to remember those who are no longer with us.  At the time, there was a memorial board inside the Chapel, as well as a garden outside with a small fountain but neither space had been developed fully.

The project sought to bring together both the memorial board, as well as the calm beauty of the garden. The idea of “through those passed, we live on” being the pervading theme.

Memorial Benches

While the Remembrance Garden embodies collective remembrance, members of the class supported classmate Mark Price an additional tribute which included three memorial benches in honour of Chris Hart, Gary Handley, and Diana Spink. These benches stand not only as physical seats but as lasting symbols of friendship, compassion, and the enduring bond between classmates.

Looking to the future

The journey undertaken by the class of 1982 is a reminder that the Kingswoodian spirit transcends time. Their collective aspiration to create a space for quiet reflection and collective reverence has resulted in a tangible embodiment of their commitment to the Kingswood legacy.

The Remembrance Garden stands as a tribute to all Old Kingswoodian’s who have passed, with space for names to be engraved on granite plaques within the garden so that the legacy of Chris Hart, Gary Handley, and Diana Spink, along with all Old Kingswoodians, may live on.

Click here to find out more about adding a name to the plaque in the Garden of Remembrance