On the 15th of March, Lynda (OK 1982) jumped into the icy Atlantic waters in Cape Town and completed the notoriously difficult Robben Island Crossing.

The Robben Island Crossing swim is well known to be an extremely challenging open-water swim. Described by Freedom Swim, “the swim is known as one of the hardest extreme cold open water swims in the world. The swim offers an unparalleled challenge to open water swimmers in South Africa and around the world. It combines the beauty and challenge of Robben Island and Table Mountain, both world-renowned sites.

The main extreme factor for open water swimmers is the water temperature which is usually around 13C / 55.4F. Since it is open to the vast Atlantic Ocean, swimmers frequently experience swell and chop similar to the English Channel”.

Despite these extreme factors, Old Kingswoodian, Lynda (nee Birch OK 1982) Brotherton took up the challenge. Along with friends, Shona Bell and Louis Hattingh, they jumped into the icy cold water on Friday morning and made their way across towards the island, and touched down on land around 11am.

Lynda, who has done multiple across country cycle rides, decided at the end of last year, that she would take up swimming as a new form of exercise. Her determination and dedication to training found her fit enough to do the famous crossing in less than 6 months!

We asked her about her decision, and she told us “I need goals that make me excited to work at it, and to be in control of the outcome. The biggest challenge is to set realistic goals, that still allow me to live a well-balanced life, always ensuring that the important things in life remain the focus”.

Well done on this incredible achievement, Lynda. We cannot wait to see what challenge you take on next. You can be sure that whatever it is, Kingswood will be cheering you on!

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