It is hard to believe that the first term of school for 2021 is already over and the Winter Term is on the horizon.  Just as our ship had left the harbour with school-life increasingly returning to normal we returned to shore as our pupils headed home for the Easter Holidays.  I would like to thank every Kingswoodian for your role in ensuring that we were able to get this far.

The Foundation is the umbrella for all fundraising and advancement activities in the College and as its Executive Head I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know many more Old Kingswoodians through it. It goes without saying that Covid-19 has definitely slowed down our plans, but we continue to move forward, steadily and decisively.


Priority areas

The Foundation’s ultimate goal is to ensure that every pupil at Kingswood College is a full fee-paying pupil, which in the future will assist in buffering any shortfall that arises to fund the increasing fee gap.  Ensuring that the intake of pupils steadily continues despite the tough socio-economic times many are experiencing at present is no small task, but one that is critical for us to be able to succeed.

Going forward into 2021 increasing scholarship and bursary funding, nurturing alumni relations, implementing donor recognition strategies and investigating the sweating of our assets for third stream income opportunities have been identified as priority areas.

Campus news

Despite us still being in the grips of a pandemic, we have navigated getting to the end of first term with no time wasted and our program fully on course. 

As College Head I am actively involved in pupil recruitment. We have had a significant intake of new pupils and, given the financial strain Covid-19 has put on so many, we are extremely grateful to our Marketing team for the exceptional role they play in continuing to bring families to our great school.

Our Neil Aggett Memorial Lecture, the renaming of Burton Street in honour of Rev Dr Simon Gqubule, the Summer Sunset Concert On Lords and the inaugural Uyinene Mrwetyana Commemorative Lecture were highlights this term. 

We have real pockets of excellence at Kingswood at the moment, our Cricket Academy is taking off (with two talented High Performance Cricket coaches – Murray Ranger and Andrew Birch), our Bridging Year program is growing, robotics and drones linked to our ICE space are taking off nicely and, our Leadership Institute is getting great traction. Our matric results were extraordinary this year too and our music school has been going from strength to strength. Parents are supportive, staff are committed and we continue to grow leaders who can head into the world to be transforming influences in the world in which we live.

“…The only way we can make a significant difference in our country, is to develop ethical leaders, who are individuals of character…”

Below are some of the projects we are currently working on and some detail on priority areas. If you would like to discuss any of these don’t hesitate to email me. I would welcome an in-person or online meeting with anyone who would like to share fundraising, advancement or other ideas they might have about our great school.

Thank you for your support. It takes a village to raise a child and I value your voices.

Colleen Vassiliou, Head of Foundation

Note to South African donors: Kingswood College Trust has Section 18A status as a Public Benefit Organisation. This means that South African taxpayers may be eligible to enjoy a tax deduction from annual taxable income. All donors will be issued with a Section 18A tax certificate.

Capital project appeals

Astro Upgrade and Advertising Opportunities

Our big capital project at the moment is the renewal of our astroturf. The upgrade of the astroturf is not just a matter of resurfacing, the foundation must be redone to take care of water drainage. This project, estimated to cost in excess of R4-million is a priority for the hockey festivals.

Our first-class coaches and facilities play a vital role in Kingswood’s ability to attract talented pupils and host both local and provincial tournaments so we appeal to you to consider being a sponsor.

Discussions are already underway with one potential donor for this project but the cost high, and we would welcome more help to realise this goal. The price for the upgrade was set in 2019, and we are grateful that the company who quoted is prepared to still honour their 2019 price. 

Advertising around City Lords and the Astro

We are heading into our Winter Sports season and we are embarking on an exciting venture of obtaining sponsorship around City Lords and our hockey astro turf. The advertisement will be in the form of advertising boards or electronic board. If you have a business and you would like to advertise around these two prime spots, please contact to discuss this.

Various options are on offer, from a 5-year sponsorship to a 1-year sponsorship or even the option of sponsorship for just one season.  Size of sponsorship and type of sponsorship is also negotiable. 

We hope that this initiative will also serve to help businesses that have been hard hit by the pandemic and need the advertising exposure it can provide.

Giving Thanks

Exemplar Fund

I again say a BIG thank you to all Old Kingswoodians who contributed to the Exemplar Fund during the pandemic last year. The financial input not only kept Kingswood afloat but the millions raised actually took us from strength to strength in ensuring that the College remained sustainable. THANK YOU!

We again thank Geoff de Jager (OK 1968) who contributed just under R2 million to the Exemplar Fund last year. 

To honour those who have helped us in our hour of need, the names of all our Exemplar donors (should they wish to be mentioned) will be placed on brass plaques on the outside wall of the Kingswood Museum facing Cops Lawn.

Unfortunately the effect of Covid-19 are still very much a reality and shall be for some time to come, so if you would still like to contribute to the Exemplar Fund, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

While our walls remain strong in the face of the global challenges created by the pandemic, we need help to weather the storms battering them.

Exemplar Fund is a call to arms. Through the Fund, our goal is to raise the R10 million needed to navigate through the crisis the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to our door to ensure that Kingswood not only endures, but can rise up and meet this new world that we are seeing all around us.

Leadership Institute

Roger Dold (OK 1968) continues to be the main sponsor of our Leadership Institute, his total contribution being R2 million over a period of a few years. We are so grateful to have a sponsor to share our vision in pushing the boundaries of leadership in the education space. Thank you Roger.

Our LEAD initiative has really begun to take off again and we are incredibly excited by the future in this space for Kinsgwood. Visit this page to keep ahead of new courses that are launched.

If you are interested in this initiative and would love to present a topic to the Kingswood community please email Carey de Coning

Our Character Building Curriculum is unfolding beautifully in the College. Below the link to our final newsletter for the term which unpacks the work being done in this regard:  Click here to read the newsletter

Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

We are grateful to one significant donor who supports our ICE initiative in full.

Pupils are exposed to various aspects, from robotics, to drones to entrepreneurial activities, to photography and videography and AV work.  This space continues to excite not only the pupils but the staff who are driving this space.  Teachers are continually encouraged to teach the child in an innovative and creative manner. 

Leave your mark on the Jubilee Pathway

We continue to sell Jubilee Pathway bricks. The Jubilee Pathway offers you an opportunity to support and grow our vision for Kingswood and provides you with the opportunity to leave your mark in Kingswood’s history. Buy one online or email

Jubilee Pathway Individual Brick (R2500)

This option is for an individual person. This will display their name, and for alumni can include the dates they attended Kingswood.

Jubilee Pathway Family Brick (R4000)

This option allows a whole family to buy a brick together.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Legends Fund: “Stronger, together”

Sadly, it is a fact that while talent is spread evenly throughout society, opportunity is not. More and more families are struggling to meet the financial demand required for a private school education, and Kingswood is no exception.

What we offer is world-class. From our facilities through the classroom to the sports field and beyond. But it all comes at a cost.

The Legends Fund is a bursary fund that specifically aims to recognise well-rounded young people of exceptional character who hold the potential to become remarkable Kingswoodians, leaders and role models. Children who embrace the spirit of what it means to be a Kingswoodian, and seek to make a difference in the world around them.

Through the Legends Fund you can give as little as R150 per month and know that, because of our collective giving, you will make a remarkable impact on a child’s life, who will in-turn enrich the lives of those at Kingswood, each and every time you give.

What impact could you make? If 1000 people donate R150 per month to the Legends Fund, this would equate to R150 000 per month which could fund many eager, talented pupils.  Sign up and become a Legend today.