“…Humility is the cornerstone of leadership…”

Yesterday morning Kingswood College officially inducted Mr Leon Grové into the role of College Head. This momentous occasion signals a new chapter in the history of our school and we look forward to seeing Kingswood continue to remain true to its roots, while at the same time, continues to be a school that is not afraid of change.

The Induction Service took place in our Kingswood Memorial Chapel, presided over, by the Reverend Dr Leleki, on behalf of Bishop Freemantle of the Methodist Church.

The search for the right candidate to run and take our school to new heights was by no means an easy feat. Mr Grové was one of 44 applicants, which became eight and then finally narrowed down to three.

Mr Grové obtained his degree in Economics and Industrial Psychology as well as a postgraduate diploma from UCT in 1993. After a period in business, international travel and some additional studying, Leon realized that his passion was in the education sphere and he went on to obtain his PGCE in order to pursue his calling in education. He is also currently working towards his MBA.

Mr Grové brings with him to this role of College Head, strong strategic planning, leadership and management skills. He has a deep understanding of the financial dynamics facing independent schools in 2021. It is this skill-set in addition to his passion for education, which gives him a well-rounded knowledge of what contemporary education is. We know that this understanding will be one, which Kingswood College will benefit from.

In the past few weeks, Leon has completely immersed himself into every aspect of our schools’ multi-faceted spheres. He has already started to make significant contributions to our school in many ways.

In his first letter to the Kingswood community, Mr Grové had the following to say:  

“A school with over 127 years to its name speaks to an institution that has adapted, innovated and survived numerous challenges over its history. We have seen times of famine and feast; tragedies and triumphs; droughts and deluges and we still stand tall. It is our strong belief in family and our solid foundation of Christian values that has allowed us to overcome all the obstacles put in our way and we will remain resilient in the face of future challenges”.

Mr Leon Grové

We hope that Mr Grové, his wife Jackie and three young children will have a rewarding time at Kingswood College and we warmly welcome them into our Kingswood family.

To read Leon’s first letter to the Kingswood Community you can click on the button below: