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From Oxford to Amazon: Diana Schwedhelm (OK 2009)

From Oxford to Amazon, and all during Covid – we recently caught up with Diana Schwedhelm (OK 2009) who just attended her graduation ceremony at the University of Oxford. Turns out, Diana completed her MBA (with Distinction we might add) from Oxford University at the end of 2020 and due to Covid restrictions, they delayed the graduation ceremony until this year.


Catching up with David Denton (OK 2008)

David (OK 2008) and Shelley (nee Kent OK 2008) visited Kingswood this morning with their young son Logan in tow. David enjoyed sharing his Kingswood memories and international experiences with Kingswood’s Director of Rugby and 1st XV Head Coach Jonny Mallett and fellow 1st XV Coach Murray Ranger. A highlight for the family was to see David’s Scottish rugby jersey mounted and framed in the High-Performance Centre.